Jennifer Fitzgerald, Chicago Woman, Owes $105,000 In Parking Tickets (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post | By Sara Gates | Posted: 11/26/2012

Illinois resident Jennifer Fitzgerald holds a record she never wanted to achieve — the 31-year-old single mother received the highest number of parking tickets and accumulated the largest amount in fines that Chicago has ever seen.

Fitzgerald owes $105,761.80 for 678 parking tickets issued over nearly three years on a 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo registered in her name, Chicago’s Department of Finance told the Expired Meter blog. In a lawsuit filed earlier this month, Fitzgerald states that she did not commit any of the parking infractions and does not even own the car.

According to court documents, Fitzgerald claims that Brandon Preveau, her ex-boyfriend, purchased the vehicle from her uncle for $600 in 2008….”