Madonna Nude In New ‘Truth Or Dare’ Fragrance Ad, Surprises No One (PHOTO)

The Huffington Post | By Rebecca Adams |Posted: 11/20/2012

Seeing Madonna take off her clothes has become equivalent to seeing… well, just about anything you see in your everyday life. So her latest bare-skinned venture comes as no surprise at all.

For her new fragrance “Truth Or Dare Naked,” the 54-year-old pop star opted to pose seemingly nude for the accompanying ad campaign. The singer appears to be totally in the buff, but thanks to that artful cropping we can’t tell for absolute certain (but we’ll concede that it’s kind of fitting in this case). And while this does conjure images of the iconic black and white photos of Madonna in her 1992 book Sex, we can’t help but feel a little fatigued by the whole shtick. Is anyone shocked to see Madonna sans clothing anymore?

Come to think of it, her last adverts for the original “Truth Or Dare” perfume were also quite risqué. ABC even requested that Madonna’s camp….”